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AI-Dash Cam

Accidents cause considerable harm to your drivers, vehicles, and cargo and can have huge financial impacts on your business. The PosiTrace AI-Dash Cam substantially lowers the risk of accidents by analyzing the road using AI and giving the driver real-time alerts.

The leading causes of accidents are road or traffic issues, hazards, driver fatigue, and distractions.* These factors are present in almost 90% of crashes**. But, studies suggest that 90% of rear end accidents could be prevented with 1.5 seconds advance warning***.

PosiTrace has the technology to help provide safer conditions for your drivers, avoiding these costly incidents.

*Source: FMCSA
**Source: Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, 2016
***Source: NTSB

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Why PosiTrace AI-Dashcam?

PosiTrace AI-Dashcam is a multi-camera video system that monitors your units inside and outside the cab to prevent accidents using artificial intelligence (AI). Your drivers will get feedback from our AI system in real time to let them know of a potential risk. Plus, everything will be recorded as video evidence.
These are the imminent risks that our AI will detect:


Driver tired or sleepy


Phone calling


Driver distraction




Vehicle out of lane


Short distance between vehicles


Forward collision


How does it work?

Our system is made up of HD digital cameras capturing what is happening in-front of the vehicle and the driver at all times. The cameras are connected to our AI system that analyzes, interprets the images, and generates alerts – both in the cab and to the PosiTrace system – if issues are detected.

The primary objectives are driver safety, preventing accidents, and protecting your business.

What does the system includes?

  • Forward-facing Full HD (1080p) dash cam
  • Driver-facing infrared HD (720p) dash cam
  • Status monitor
  • 2 cellular antennas
  • GPS antenna
  • 2 power cables

PosiCam|ST6-AI LTE


Forward-facing Dash Cam


Driver Notification Screen


Driver-facing Dash Cam



Protect Your Business With AI

PosiTrace AI-Dashcam makes it possible to reduce your fleet accidents. You gain greater control and our AI monitoring will help anticipate and avoid major driving risks. Improve the safety and efficiency of your fleet with our video AI system

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